Finnsub Side

Unique combination of big lift, streamline profile and robust construction.


Unique combination of big lift, streamline profile and robust construction.

Having tried various sidemount systems and not being completely comfortable, got us thinking of what divers need in different environments. We have developed a modular, but still easy to use system. FLY side sidemount systems have been developed together with those diving in open water, complicated cave systems, wrecks and inland dive sites.

FLY side works perfect for all types of diving. We wanted a system which will let the user arrange enough weight to submerge and dive comfortably from start to finish. The solution is very simple – a backplate for perfect distribution of weight along the divers back.

Unique combination of big lift, robust construction and streamline profile allows the user to dive in any situation from open water to overhead environment. The weight that is required will be distributed comfortably along the divers back.

Double-shell structure of the wing with sophisticated 3D design based on squeeze box provides flat shape even if it’s fully inflated. A choice between 2 colours, red or black. The wing has three holes, each of which can be used for the inflator, dump valve or blank plug. See our customization list to set it up.

  • Lift: 12, 45 l ~ 25 lbs ~ 122N
  • 5 point fixation to the harness
  • 3 holes – inflator, dump valve and blank plug

For the FLY side harness we have used our high quality backplate. The reason is to obtain perfect weight distribution and the ability to carry as much or little weight as needed for a dive. The harness is fully customizable, with a choice of backplates, Aluminium for travelling or Stainless Steel for local dives – 3mm or 6mm depending on required weight. The weight system can also be tailored to suit – we offer weight pockets that are placed on the backplate in 3 sizes: carrying 1, 2 or 3 kg of soft weight, also the option to use an integrated weight fixed on backplate with screws – 2x 5 kg.

  • Backplate
  • DIR harness
  • 2 D-rings on each shoulder strap
  • 2x firm D-ring on waist belt
  • 1 flexible bungee (flexibility on whole length) + 2 clips


This gives the added option of combining different configurations of the harness with either FLY side or any FLY backmount wing, the ability to select a desired weight system. Customize the system for specific needs. All is possible with FLY side and FLY speleo (later this year).

High quality of material and components

  • Wing: Cordura 2000 (outer cover), Cordura 500 TPU (inner bladder), Film foil 500my (sides of inner bladder)
  • Harness: all components are made in Czech Republic in very high quality

FLY side is modular, which allows a unique user configuration. The FLY side harness is versatile, it can be taken from FLY side and used on any FLY wing, giving the user more diving options. A second harness can also be used, giving FLY side the option to be set up for travel or local cold water diving.